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Project Pack .04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 11

Welcome to Day 11 of the 12 Days of Zentangle.


Alfie got so inspired by Martha and Molly's tangling yesterday that he stayed up late last night to tangle.

On this eleventh day of Zentangle, Maria struts down the knightsbridge to find herself on the luxurious scena, but betweed you and me, that's some exquisite purk!  
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 11
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 11

Deutsche: See video with German subtitles here.

中文: See videos on a China platform here.  
You can find the "12 Days of Zentangle" supplies in Project Pack 04 which is available at this link.


To see spinners that tanglers post on the Zentangle Mosaic app, search on hashtags:


We'd love to read what you have to say and each day we will randomly pick a person from the list of commenters and send that person a gift from Zentangle Inc

Our winner from Day 10 is:


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  • I love Knightsbridge ! So happy to see it here ! ! !

    Jackie on

  • I’m finally working on a spinner and doing each new day as I catch up on previous days. I’m excited that I’ll be finishing mine as you finish yours! Yippeee!!!!

    MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson, CZT#1 on

  • How lovely!

    Roseanne Sabol on

  • Loving it!

    Jackie on

  • Just wanted to say thank you for all of these wonderful videos. This has been so much fun and I have looked forward to each day. Sad to see it end. You’ve heard of Christmas in July?? :o)
    Appreciate all of the hard work you put in to everything you do. Happy Holidays.

    Jody Genovese on

  • Enjoy watching the magic appear! Love seeing the Alfie set ups too.

    Cathrine Nicols on

  • The calm part of my day is when I’m tangling. I have really enjoyed this project and watching Maria, Rick, Molly, Martha and Julie demonstrate the tangles. I learned a lot from watching the videos.

    Wish this project would continue into January using the second spinner. So much to learn and so fun to do. Thank you all.

    Lesley Goldberg on

  • It has been special being a part of this from the beginning, like having old friends come for coffee every morning. As others have said, I will miss you when the spinner is done! But I am looking forward to how you wind this up (and how that little plastic piece actually gets on the “tile”!). Thanks for a lovely morning!

    Rebecca Lawrence on

  • Beautiful tangles today. I can’t wait to add them to my spinner. Betweed makes me think of cathedral arches for the holidays.

    Susie Schiffler on

  • I love every episode.

    Andrea on

  • Looking forward to getting my Project Pack 04 and completing this 12 Day journey when things settle down. Thank you, Rick & Maria, for the video, too! It really helps me with learning the method and the patterns.

    Joan Omans on

  • I’ve got a painful arm at the moment, so have stalled at the sixth day of actual tangling, but happily tangling in my head and enjoying the videos and seeing other people’s spinners, and I know I’ll finish my Twelve Days piece sooner or later.

    Jem Miller on

  • This has been a highlight of my morning and I’m sorry it’s almost over.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • You know, I can’t tell you how relaxing and zen this project has been. The stress fades and the tangles consume me. It is amazing to have you all in my life daily. What a great experience!

    Cyndee Pelley on

  • I am so glad you are including border tangles each day. For some reason, I almost always struggle coming up with them when I need them.

    Shawn Brown on

  • What a wonderful combination of patterns today! I have loved every day, and have been able to see a diary in pen-and-ink as the result. I may have to go back and do last year’s 12 days now to keep the momentum going.

    Ginger White on

  • I love passing my day with this yoga therapy

    Brenda Jo on

  • I liked how you shaded Betweed on Day 11. Many thanks for the Scena explanation, too. The other day you mentioned how you are using various patterns that aren’t usually borders…can’t wait to try this myself!

    Mary Borden-Cass on

  • Love tangling with all of you guys! ❤️

    Elena Nekrasovskaya on

  • Going to the beginning to look at the start of the series!

    Juhi on

  • I’m so sorry that we arrive almost at the end of a wonderful tanglejourney.

    Ria Matheussen on

  • Gorgeous tangles! I am so happy to have been part of the 12 Days as they were sent out! This is a lovey way to learn a lot of the basic tangles without being overwhelmed by how many there are: especially being taught by the best teachers! Almost over, but looking forward to “spinning” and creating new combinations of tangles!!

    Beth Lovelle on

  • It’s been really fun revisiting old patterns, and I even learned a new one. So glad to be a part of this.

    Jonesy on

  • The tangles chosen are just beautiful together! The shading makes them pop off the spinner! Thank you for all the planning that has gone into these wonderful 12 days of tangling!

    Linda JF on

  • It’s been wonderful getting these posts earlier this year. Last year I waited nearly all day. This year my signal is so much more efficient. I will miss the 12 days when it’s over.

    MK B B Watson on

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