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One Size Fits All

One Size Fits All

The other day I was scrolling through the internet on my phone (nasty little habit!) when I saw an advertisement for leggings being touted as “THE most comfortable pair of leggings.” Well, as a lover of athleisure wear, I took the bait and went to the online store. When I got there, I was amused to see that they offered only one size of leggings, “One Size Fits All.” Now, if you have ever worn a pair of leggings, you know that one size, most certainly, does not fit all.

I started to think about all of the things that claim, “one size fits all” or “one size fits most.” It seems like a bold claim to make and yet this internet company is confident about their leggings. Perhaps they found the secret to stretchy fabric or maybe it is a marketing tactic, but I am willing to bet that one size, does not fit all.

But, what about the Zentangle Method? I like to think that the Zentangle Method is a little bit of a “one size fits all” drawing method.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a novice with a pen – You can tangle.

Whether you are 8 or 88 – You can tangle.

Whether you have 15 minutes or 15 hours – You can tangle.

It doesn’t matter what country you are from, what language you speak or what your background is – You can tangle.

One of the best examples of this is at a CZT seminar. When you sit in a room with people from all over the world, who speak different languages and all come with their own stories and experiences, all with one common desire – to tangle.

The beautify of the Zentangle method is that the method remains the same for everyone.

One size fits all.


Julie Willand


  • Julie – So well said and it’s so true; Zentangle doesn’t discriminate in any way; and I am glad that I finally found the Blog! Peace ☮️

    Miriam HIPster on

  • Thank you Julie for such a great way to explain why and how Zentangle fits all. And it really does. I’ve had Vets with PTSD that I sometimes work with come to me and say “but I can’t draw” and I say give me an hour. Now I have another way to convince someone to try Zentangle. . Love the ‘osfa’ moniker.

    Sue Leslie, CZT on

  • Pamela, I love your exchange student story. ZENTANGLE as the universal written language just as we all know music is another form of universal language in audial form. What a beautiful way of connecting with this wonderful world we live in. Color and nature, a visual universal connection. Julie, thank you for starting my day on this thought provoking journey.


    Linda LUSK on

  • Excellent and so true! Thanks Julie for your beautiful words!

    Brenda Shaver on

  • In addition to icso we now have osfa: one size fits all

    Nancy Domnauer CZT18 on

  • So, so true!

    Amy Gill on

  • Julie, you are so right on the leggings and Zentangle®!! 💖

    Donna Jacobson, CZT on

  • A perfect description! Finally, something that really is One Size Fits All!
    Love it!!!

    Lesley Goldberg on

  • Zentangle “fits” everyone because it takes what’s INSIDE of each of us and lures it out onto the paper, through the hand of the artist. Such a beautiful method!

    Jennifer Sparrow on

  • Lol! One size fits all clothing doesn’t work out so well! Zentangle, however is never a bad choice. Keep rocking those tangles Julie! 😀

    Kathy on

  • I really agree that Zentangle is for everyone! It gives you joy, it’s training your motoric, makes you grow, makes you an artist, brings you friends and many more developing good features.

    I love it. 😍

    Annika Awasthlm Wiener on

  • Pen to paper is universal. The movement of Zentangle into patterns speaks to a part of us that has no language nor cultural boundaries. The journey we travel together is edged in those lines.

    Ginger White on

  • How so very true about those tights! LOL!

    I completely agree about how the Zentangle method is one of the few true ‘one size fits all’, glorious things in this world!

    I only started tangling 1/7/19 and try to tangle everyday, except when my one of my multiple autoimmune issues requires my attention. I end up getting angry at my illnesses when they make me miss my daily tangling! LOL!

    I have met so many wonderful and friendly tanglers during my short amount of time in the Zentangle-sphere and they are all friendly and caring folks who encourage creativity and joy. I am now meeting new tanglers who think I have been tangling longer and I tell them it just takes a few minutes a day everyday to gain confidence in your own strokes. You are your own worst critic so try to let that go and just enjoy the journey of the pen strokes and graphite shading. You will be delighted and surprised at what you have created in the end.

    DM Smith on

  • I liken it to the experience I had when at 15 I left my family home, here in the USA, to stay with a wonderful family in Sweden for one year, as an exchange student. Each morning, before school, I took a 2 1/2 hour language class to learn Swedish. No two individuals in the class spoke the same language with the exception of a married couple from Turkey. Early on we used our hands to describe what we wanted, The Turks drank from a goatskin bag raised above their mouths, the Japanese woman from a cup held daintily in her two hands, me, a swig from a tall glass if cold water or clearly holding a handle on a tea cup. No props needed, we all got it from the ‘patterns’ we saw played out in front of us. Over time, Swedish became our common language and we exchanged a few small words in each of our own. I still remember the Polish woman’s translation of flicka (girl in Swedish) to dziewczyka (same in Polish, pronounced ‘Jiff-gin-ka’ as I remember it) . To me, Zentangle is a language all its own with each tangle the words in common, recognized by all and our styles and tangleations mere dialects of this wonderful universal language. Indeed one item I know fits all!

    Pamela Sauerwald on

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