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Ninth Day of Zentangle

"On the Ninth Day of Zentangle . . ."

On the ninth stroke of Zentangle
R and M moved on,  
Black and tan square Bijou
It was inevitable that before too long we would find room for both black and Renaissance Bijou tiles.

These adorable small tangling surfaces proved to be ideal for more than we imagined. Zentangle artists across the world were creating tiny tangled masterpieces. 

In January of 2016 we unveiled the black Bijou tile, followed by the Renaissance Bijou in September. In that same year after many requests we made all of Bijou's Bijouisms available too. 

On this ninth day, we celebrate the yin and yang of the black and Renaissance Bijou tiles.


Rick Roberts


  • I am loving these twelve days of Zentangle – I wish they would never end! These little tile combinations are my favorite so far…

    Joanne Pattison on

  • Wow! So many ways to play with different colored tiles and mirroring! Suggested name: Mirrored tiles! I’ve played some with the idea of large black areas on white tiles, but mostly because that is my favorite way to fix an oops on a tile. Simply color it in with the color ink I am using and then draw on that with a different color. Simpler for me than using Bronx Cheer LOL!

    Jeanie 'JJ' James on

  • Love the combination of the 2 tiles. So easy and many ways to explore tangling!!! Thank you.

    Betsy on

  • Hi Maria and Rick,

    Just love today’s “blended” Bijou I!!! The great thing is, this idea can be used with any of the Zentangle Tiles..Fantastic !!! ??

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • How cute are they for tags and tiny ornaments!

    RosA on

  • Starting right now, a must do with my class.

    Karen Rushton on

  • Really like this new technique. Suggested name: tandem tangles

    Nancy CZT18 on

  • Oooohhh already day nine! The days are going so fast. How do you make up all these ideas? It’s wicked ? and I love it very, very much! Thank you again!

    Floor de Jonge on

  • I have loved tangling on the black, but this is a great idea. Can’t wait to try it

    Phyllis Carter on

  • Bijou tiles are so fun and so much more versatile than I originally thought. I made several ornaments from them and now I think I will use this technique to make more! Than you for the inspiration!

    Debra Myers, CZT on

  • Aaaaaaaaw! What a super idea!! Thank you!

    Marguerite on

  • So simple and so lovely. My favorite part was putting the four sample tiles together into a mosaic and playing with re-arrangements. Because this technique produces two essentially identical bi-color tiles, the mosaics automatically balance and harmonize with each other. That’s the piece I think I’ll play with this evening.

    Pat Floerke on

  • Love the symmetry of the black and tan making one Bijou tile.

    Jackie on

  • The Black and Tan is very provocative, have to use the imagination.

    Christine Jasper on

  • How fun! Black & Tan makes me think of the Gordon Setter (and I think there are cookies by that name as well) Both are Yummy

    Jolee Chartrand on

  • I love these little Bijou tiles!

    Debbie J on

  • This is so exciting and different. I can’t wait to get started and make a bunch! 12 Days of Zentangle is like a sabbatical from my daily work!

    Mary Kay Watson on

  • Very cool idea, especially arranging the 4 together! Thank you!

    Janet on

  • Such a beautiful and creative way to combine the two tiles. :)

    Tisha Cabral on

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