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Maria's Mysaic

Maria's Mysaic

Maria writes:
Hi everyone.  Today’s blog is about “mysaics.”
We are all familiar with the word mosaic (in the world of Zentangle). It is a collection of tiles, created by a group of individuals, assembled into a grid for presentation purposes: to admire, to appreciate, to learn from.  But, what would you call a mosaic all made up of only one artist’s tiles?  Mysaic, of course!   
It occurred to me that I had never gathered up all (!) my tangles and appreciated the interplay and glow that only a mysaic can deliver.  
Well, for me, it was quite an effort to actually find all my tangles. They are sprinkled all over the house, stuck to walls, windows, cabinets, frames, clocks, knobs, book covers, floors, moldings, mirrors, desk blotters, lampshades, clothing, lightbulbs, furniture, shoes,  and well, you get the idea.   

Eventually, I decided to just use tiles.  So what you see here is a sampling of some of the tiles, and I think there may be a few of Rick's, Martha's and Molly’s here and there.  But certainly not even close to all my tiles.  And yet, it makes quite a mysaic, don’t you think?

Here's a flyover in a balloon that the gnomes use to get around our house. (Can you find two of them in the background?) They borrowed Rick's camera so you could see it from their perspective.

I can’t wait for you to see yours!   You might decide to have a grand gallery opening, invite your closest friends and family for wine and hors d’oeuvres and to show them what you have been doing for the last XX nights, weeks, months, years!  Or, maybe you decide to make it a permanent installation, once you have been exposed to your masterpiece.  

My favorite way to exhibit my tiles is to cover a large piece of 1/2 inch foam board with a beautiful, subtle colored fabric, and gently affix the tiles by sliding straight pins around them at an angle (do not pierce the tile paper).  This way you can rearrange or add to the mysaic at any time, as your collection morphs.  I have quite a few of these boards in frames, scattered about the house and studio.  I never tire of seeing the progression of years tangling, and the tiles that were the beginnings of this art form. 
Please feel free to take inspiration from any or any portion of a tile you see here. Always add your own wonderfulness to it.  

Have fun.

Be grateful.

Admire your own work.

Maria Thomas


  • Maria, Those are totally beautiful, and ah-inspiring! I love your idea of displaying your zentangled tiles throughout your home onto a foam board with fabric over it!

    Kim Gangwisch on

  • Wow! Amazing!!! 🌿🌷🌿

    Oriana Aguilar on

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