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More Podcast

More Podcast

Rick writes:

Recently we announced some podcasts that Maria and I did. We had such a good time that we gave a shout-out to the community to see if we could do some more. In the meantime we've enjoyed three more podcast conversations. We are so grateful. We never knew how much fun this could be. We get to meet new people and have great conversations about what we love. It doesn't get much better than that. So, thank you all!

Some of the first to respond were sister CZTs!


This podcast is with "Better PR - a Podcast by PR Practitioners for PR Practitioners." Our conversation partners were Kathie Taylor and Deb Page of In Plain Sight Marketing who, along with being PR practioners, are Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs). This is a great example of the cross-discipline application of the Zentangle Method.

You can listen at:


If you would like us to be on your podcast, please email If you have a favorite podcast, please recommend us and let Julie know.

Thank you and enjoy!


Rick Roberts

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  • Would love to participate, along with my daughter Charlotte (CZT 20) if you are interested.

    Anna Jordan, CZT 19 and 37 on

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