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Kitchen Table Tangles with Molly, Indy and Mazzy.

Kitchen Table Tangles with Molly, Indy and Mazzy.

Zentangle Apprentice™ brings the Zentangle Method and experience to our youngest generation.

Children across the globe are creating amazing pieces of art using the Zentangle Method. What is fascinating about Zentangle is that it stretches across cultures, religions, media and ages without having to alter the content of the method. The Zentangle Method itself changes very little when you're teaching children versus adults. We thought it would be fun to create some lessons and materials for children (of all ages) to create with the Zentangle Method.

During these unprecedented times, we at Zentangle HQ are focusing on creating more content for our Zentangle community.

Our dear friend Bijou noted that schools are not in session and families now have more time together at home. Bijou suggested that we create some video content for our younger tanglers.

"What a brilliant idea", we enthusiastically agreed. And so we rallied our "in-house" Zentangle Apprentices to help us in the studio.

Bijou wrote this note and requested that we send it to all of the Zentangle Apprentices across the world:

Dear Zentangle Apprentice,

We hope you are finding creative ways to use your time during these days we spend at home. There is so much opportunity for discovery and learning in moments like this.

We thought that maybe you would enjoy digging into the Zentangle Method with us. Molly has invited her friends Indy and Mazzy to help her create this very special video just for you. Whether you are brand new to the Zentangle Method or have done lots of tangles before, this video is for all. Even though we have created it with kids in mind, we think that friends of all ages might enjoy to tangle along as well.

Thank you for joining us and happy tangling,



Feel free to share this video with any of the tanglers in your life (children or adults) that you think might enjoy tangling along.

Share your artwork on the Zentangle Mosaic App or other social media sites with the hashtag #ZentangleApprentice1

Molly Hollibaugh


  • Such a great idea. I also would like to share more Kids Zentangle. Pls search “Tangle with grace Community” at facebook

    thanks, grace

    grace on

  • Nice way to bond with your children on so many different levels! Love it!

    Jeanne on

  • I love Zingo and I hope the girls would find another lovely tangle some day…

    It was great to see the three of you, tangling together!

    Ria Joris-Matheussen on

  • Hi Molly, I don’t Zentangle myself, but wy wife does. It’s so fantastic. She showed me this video. My question now: What kind of stand/tripod do you use for the mobile phone?

    Thanks for your answere in advance.
    Take care – Gerd

    Gerd on

  • Hallo to you all,

    I have tangled with kids from 8 to 10 years old in the school, where I‘ m working. My experiences are ,that kids draw from „ the bottom of their hearts „ and , the ones, which are unable to concentrate during the normal lessons make the most lovely tangles. Every time I see this, I‘m overwhelmed and full of joy for them and I think, it would be good for all kids to experience this fun , beauty and joy.
    Thank you for sharing with us this video .
    Have a good time, Martina

    Martina Fegeler, Germany on

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful video.. It was amazing to see the kids express themselves so nicely through art , that too in such a calm and relaxing manner. In a time where most kids are home this is a great activity to try instead of spending all the time on electronics..

    Tulika on

  • Super charming! Absolutely love listening to the young ones as they teach tangling. How special to have a family that tangles together. Thank you!

    Nancy D. CZT18 on

  • What a delight!! Love seeing the generations combined for activities. Will be sharing with my grandkids and all my friends with kids. Of course, I’m going to have tons of fun with it myself! Want to see how many ways I can do this one lesson for the next week. Just chill out and let the creativity flow. Simplicity……….. Thanks for including the appreciation at the end for new students.

    And thanks “Dear Zentangle Family for all you do in the world, you are a blessing!! 🎶💕Eileen

    Eileen Music on

  • What a great video……and how timely. I am currently planning a wee zentangle lesson for a friend’s grade 4 class and this video will be a wonderful addition to the lesson. Thanks so much.

    Ruth S

    Ruth Sands on

  • Molly, this was wonderful. Kids have different ways of looking at things, a more free approach. And, they also can benefit from this great art form. The girls did a very nice job. I even followed along with them. Thanks so much for creating this video.

    Deborah Davis on

  • So enjoyed this and would love to share on Facebook. Is that possible? And yes, I followed along and lost myself for a while even. So nice to see the girls helping to teach the basics. They were great!

    Joan on

  • Loved seeing the three of you teaching, together. Beautiful tiles, every one. Same instructions, with slightly different tools and all lovely results. Great to be sharing with kids, especially in these uncertain times!

    PamS on

  • Love that it was geared for children and adults! Love that each of you used different tiles and pens! Love hearing those young ladies giving directions! Great job and inspirational during these trying days!


    ELaine Y. OLive on

  • Can you please provide a list of the pens/colors used?

    Marpy Hayse on

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