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Full Circle

Full Circle

Molly writes...

Life is a phenomenal adventure of overlapping circles. Since the beginning, our small company has found itself on a glorious journey, guiding us in all directions and around and around until many times we feel as though we come full circle, back where we started.

Zentangle HQ began, and is still headquartered in, the small village of Whitinsville, Massachusetts. When Rick and my mom started out, they were inspired to share this new art form with whoever was willing to be their participants. After teaching some close friends and neighbors they soon set out to find other students. Maria instantly thought of her dear friend Dennis, who was the executive director of a local non-profit with the mission to provide fulfilling services to adults with mental health challenges and/or developmental disabilities. The staff there is passionate and invested in their work and this often leaves little room for self-care. Rick, my mom, and Dennis decided to give a class for the staff of this amazing organization. This 2004 class became one of the early organized Zentangle classes that Rick and Maria taught. Rick, Maria, and the Zentangle staff continued to be very involved with the organization in different ways.

(Above: view of Whitinsville from the mill balcony)

For years classes were held at their headquarters in this beautiful old, renovated Mill, for the community and individuals served by the organization. There were events, among other things that brought many Zentangle enthusiasts together. We even used their beautiful little theater space to broadcast our last two online Seminars.

Recently, we once again found ourselves amongst friends at the little mill in Whitinsville, brought together by the Zentangle Method. Many came for the beautiful gallery opening of a show titled, "Beyond Zentangle." The exhibit was comprised of artwork that displayed an artist’s departure from their Zentangle practice to other creative art forms. The art was wonderfully poetic and each piece told their story.

We were thrilled to meet new friends and artists and reunite with old friends and Zentangle enthusiasts. There was even one person that attended that first class Rick and Maria taught at the Mill. She later became a Certified Zentangle Teacher and moved away but we were so delighted that she came halfway across the country to reconnect and share her beautiful Zentangle inspired artwork in this exhibit. Life really does come full circle.



And speaking of full circles . . . back in the day when this was a working mill, Maria's dad was a trucker and made deliveries here, and Rick's dad, uncle, and aunt worked for years at the mill . . . possibly in the same rooms as the gallery or the classes were held!

We want to extend a special thank you to Cristi Collari and the team at ValleyCast who organized this beautiful exhibit which will remain on display through September 1, 2022. 

You can view the online exhibit below. (When you view this video, use your cursor or click the navigation circle in the upper left to "walk" around.)

Molly Hollibaugh


  • It has been my absolute pleasure to curate this exhibit and work with Molly, Maria and Rick on Beyond Zentangle. I’ve also enjoyed working with and meeting all of the talented artists and sharing their incredible work with the community here and on social media. Thank you for sharing your Zentangle world with ValleyCAST and our little community!

    cristi collari on

  • Thank you SO much for sharing Molly. You made my day ❤️

    Kathy Y. CZT 22

    K. Young on

  • Several years ago, I wrote the poem below in response to a challenge in a poetry blog. The challenge word was “distance” and so was my title, but it never really resonated. Molly’s article reminded me of that poem. So I dusted it off, polished it up here and there, and gave it a new title that finally fits. Altho I had never heard of Zentangle when I first wrote it, upon reflection, the poem could also be describing my Zentangle journey! Thanks, Molly!

    Full Circle

    Time was, all roads led outward
    Adventure beckoned ’round every curve
    Opportunity shimmered just beyond the horizon
    Excitement pulled me onward
    Gravitating toward new worlds
    New experiences, new ideas
    New people and newer places
    Buffeted willy-nilly, to and fro
    From one place to the next
    Meandering along random paths
    Drifting dreamily on endless backroads
    Hurtling at warp speed down highways and byways
    Wherever my latest fancy led me
    (Much further than I had ever dreamed to go)
    Until at last, old, tired, ragged, spent
    The roads narrow, the paths converge
    And, somehow, I find myself
    Right back where I started…

    ~ Jessica L Dykes
    Copyright, 19 July 2022
    All rights reserved.

    Jessica Dykes aka Jake on

  • The exhibition is beautiful! I wish that a virtual one can be organised for people all over the world to participate in!

    Suchitra K on

  • Love the exhibition!

    Rimona Gale on

  • Thanks for sharing those little details Molly, they also makes you big! I feel like a little orb rather than a circle, but yes, overlapping.

    Carmen Menchón on

  • “Life is a phenomenal adventure of overlapping circles.” Molly I am so honored to be part of these overlapping circles by being a CZT. It is a beautiful adventure for so very many of us. Zentangle has changed my life in many unexpected ways. This is a very nice blog post and I enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    Katrina Thiebaut on

  • What a surprise of joy this morning to view this amazing exhibit and read your well- written, heartfelt history of Zentangle – a precious gift to so very many around the world! Bless you all! ❤️

    Mary Lindeblad on

  • What a lovely story. The small town family connections are precious memories.

    Anonymous on

  • Thanks so much for keeping us constantly amazed at what you have done and continue to do. The inspiration and layers of circles never end.


  • 💙💙 So happy to hear about this! Hoping I can see it before it’s gone.

    Peyton on

  • I am proud to have been in Rick & Maria’s 3rd CZT training (2010) in Oakhurst, Whitinsville and will never forget the personal tour through your amazing home and humble beginnings! I travel right through that postcard mill photo everytime I visit my MOM in Upton. I follow you regularly and thank you for all the inspiration that I use daily in my quilting. It has been amazing to watch you cover the world in Zentangle.

    Patricia A Ferguson on

  • Oooh wow, great work and great going back for again something new in combination with Zentangle 👍😁

    ArjadLH, CZT9 on

  • What a wonderful article Molly! Whitinsville looks heavenly. So thank for your family’s willingness to share the magic of Zentangle :)

    Debbie Collins on

  • Thanks! Thank you for the wonderful art that Maria and Rick gave us! I thank you, those who are with them on this wonderful journey! I wish you all the best!

    Aurora on

  • Full circle, indeed. What a beautiful story and show! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    Stephanie Christenson on

  • It was such a thrill to be able to exhibit, and to attend the opening and meet Molly, Rick and Maria! If you are anywhere near the gallery please go if you can. The art is beyond amazing!

    Kathy Cody CZT37 on

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