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CZT Family Tree - Heidi Kay

CZT Family Tree - Heidi Kay

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Heidi Kay!



Name:    Heidi Kay                                                                   CZT#: 33

Hometown: Live in Tarpon Springs FL.. originally from the Boston area and still identify strongly as a Bostonian! 

Favorite tangle: Seriously? This is like asking me to pick a favorite child!    BooFont by Joanna Quincey and Mooka are in a dead heat tie!

Favorite place to tangle: At a park where I can hear the birdies and breathe warm fresh air.

Favorite quote: Oh man. This is tough. These day though, I am finally all about embracing who I am and choosing to live my life in living color and authentically.    A current favorite quote of mine in this regard reminds me not to beat myself up over the fact that it has taken me so long to finally do it:

 “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” E.E. Cummings

How I use the Zentangle Method in my life:    Zentangle is not only my very favorite way to relax, it has completely changed my life with a great big bang that ripples through me more and more each day.  
The philosophies that Zentangle encompasses – living in the present moment, no mistakes,  anything is possible one pen stroke at a time, embracing imperfection and abandoning perfectionism,  – now completely inform every aspect of my life.  

Zentangle has been the primary catalyst that started me on a journey of self discovery and ignited in me a passion to live mindfully and authentically.      And Zentangle has revealed to me that I am indeed a passionate artist who is now driven to teach and share the joy I find within it..

If I’m not tangling, you will find me.. Until I can retire?  You will find me working my day job as the co-owner of a contract staffing firm, teaching Zentangle online, and embracing an “Empty Nester’s Lifestyle” – which usually includes lots of weekends riding out in the fresh air and traveling on our Goldwing Trike!

Mosaic Name: HKTanglerCZT33




  • Heidi I just happened to stumble upon this today and so glad that I did! It seems like you have been Tangling much longer than you have actually been as you are an old soul when it comes to Zentangle. I adore you and your work and I hope you know how much I admire everything you have done my friend. I look forward to learning more from your classes coming up this year and next too. I will be CZT#36 in just a couple of short months. I am so excited about this opportunity and journey with you— and the rest of my Zentangle buddies and fellow artists!!

    Melissa Dare on

  • Heidi, you are a Zentangle inspiration for all of us! Your art is breathtaking, and a perfect example of how powerful, flexible, and fulfilling this simple method can be for those who choose to follow their “heartstrings” wherever they may lead. Must learn more about your online classes; I am mesmerized!

    Jessica L Dykes on

  • I have known Heidi since she joined the Zentangle Community a little over a year ago and had the pleasure of meeting her in person at CZT Seminar and we became instant friends. Heidi has a tremendous amount of energy and drive to continuous learning and most recently in teaching others. For example, She has boldly embraced the technology around online learning providing new ways to learn new techniques and making lessons available via Zoom conferencing faster and on a much wider scale. Her passion for Zentangle is very evident and is infectious! Heidi i wish you much success and happiness in developing your Zentangle practice. Matt

    Matt WIeczkowski on

  • I am new to ‘tangling’ and love it. I am always inspired by people like you and enjoy hearing of their journey and what they have done. Beautiful tangles, too.

    Deborah Davis on

  • Magnifique , vraiment superbe, bravo

    Joëlle on

  • Heidi, your lovely tangling is an inspiration!

    Kathy on

  • Your art is as individual as you are! And that is just how it should be. Please continue to choose and give joy! Mary

    Mary D'Angelo, CZT32 on

  • I’ve followed Heidi’s journey on Facebook from her very early tiles till where she is today. Her enthusiasm and energy for Zentangle shine almost as brightly as her colours. She’s a lively addition to the family tree!

    Jem Miller on

  • Hi, this is very beautiful, but I cannot see this as a true Zentangle I have been enthralled with this portable craft since I first viewed it at a large craft show in the UK at least ten years ago.It was a square and a string touching all four sides. I know we have to progress, but I feel the original simple idea has been lost now.

    Mikki Edwards on

  • Heidi, your works are beautiful. Your story is inspiring.From one Bostonian to another.

    Gail Minichiello on

  • Keep being colorful and Zenful Heidi, may all your Zen-dreams come true. You are a color wizard 🧙‍♂️ with your art. I’m sure your mom is very proud.

    Miriam HIPster on

  • 💟 I am so happy to have Heidi in my Zentangle Web 🤩

    Lee A. Kay on

  • I’m so glad you figured out to Live your life authentically, As a passionate artist. We all benefit from your gracious sharing of your wonderful skills

    LIsa HOesing on

  • I love the art pieces you’ve shared, Heidi.

    Margaret Bremner on

  • Heidi is a very gifted artist and she’s also very giving with her knowledge. I love taking her classes.

    Barbara Paolucci on

  • Love your colors!!

    christine maskaly on

  • I can’t wait to take my first ‘Heidi class’ this month. Keep living your full life, Zentangle-style!

    KIm Kohler, CZT on

  • I’m so excited to be taking an online class with Heidi tonight! I met Heidi at seminar CZT33 and love her energy!

    Rhonda Koplin, CZT 11 & 33 on

  • Heidi, you sound like the perfect ambassador for Zentangle!! And I love your artwork- all the lovely curves and colors! 💕💕

    Lise on

  • Lovely story and tangles. Embracing that fresh air and listening to birds while you tangle is a great image. I enjoy that, too!

    MKay B B Watson CZT17 on

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