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CZT Family Tree: Audrey Markowitz

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Audrey Markowitz!

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Name: Audrey Markowitz

CZT #: 7

Hometown: Carson, Nevada, USA

Favorite Tangle: Pick just one? That's tough! But if I had to choose, I'd say flux. I love its shape and organic curves and the way it always dances with endless verve!

Favorite place to tangle: My favorite place to tangle is in my studio surrounded by my art, my art supplies and my Sophie (my fur baby), of course, curled up on top of my feet.

How I use the Zentangle Method in my life: I used the Zentangle method as a way of giving back the joy, the serenity, the magic and the create inspiration that it continues to give me. The Zentangle Method has been a life saver! Over 8 years ago, I got breast cancer and required surgery and radiation. The Zentangle Method got me through a VERY difficult period. At the radiation center, I was known as the "redhead who sat in the waiting room with her pens and notebook tangling her heart out!" I have since given up the red hair and let the white and gray take over!

Prior to my surgery, I remember telling my surgeon that I had a Zentangle class scheduled 3 days after surgery and asked him if I thought I would be able to keep the commitment I had made prior to my cancer diagnosis. He said, "If you're up to it, do it." I could tell by the look on his face that he didn't think I would be up to it. But, my passion for teaching and sharing the beauty of the Zentangle Method was all the energy I needed to teach that class, and I did, in fact, teach it! The feeling of joy, vitality and happiness in my body while I was teaching that class, even though I just had surgery, helped me remember that I, Audrey, was still inside me despite what I had been through and what I would be facing... that I was more than my cancer.

All through my treatment and radiation, I continued to create art and teach the Zentangle Method - the two things I am passionate about. The Zentangle Method has truly been a gift that keeps on giving. I vowed to continue sharing that gift with the same enthusiasm and passion that I started out with when I first began teaching. I have taught at out local cancer center to both patients and staff, to teenagers and young children, to seniors and to everyone in-between! My heartfelt commitment has been to share this art form and allow each individual to enjoy it in a way that is most meaningful and satisfying to them.

My favorite story or memory about teaching the Zentangle Method is about a student of mine who at her first introductory class with me was literally afraid to pick up her pencil. She was unbelievably worried about taking the class and wondered if she would even be able to complete it. Well, not only did she complete it, but she went on to take many, many other classes with me and eventually went on to create her own business creating art using the Zentangle method. Today, she has her own online business and also sells her art in different shops around town and the surrounding area. He work is exquisite. There is an old zen adage that says it right, "To surpass the teacher is to repay the debt."

Through my experiences as a CZT, I have learned how important your own genuine enthusiasm, passion, sense of humor and concern for each student is when teaching. We all learn and process information differently. The challenge is to be empathetic and to be creative, to listen and to find ways to reach everyone.

If I am not tangling, you will fine me in my studio designing a new Zentangle class or experimenting with a mixed media project. If I am not in my studio, I am out on a long walk with Sophie, or curled up on the sofa reading a good book.

Find me on the Zentangle Mosaic App! Username: @Audrey





  • I have been overwhelmed and touched by all your remarks on this Family Tree Blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. A number of you asked about the Ted Talk I gave. It was entitled “Creatively Combatting Cancer.” If you’re interested the link is: Again, a huge thank you to each one of you! Audrey ♥️

    Audrey Markowitz on

  • Audrey brings such joy to my Zentangle practice. She is loving and encouraging and makes everyone feel good about their artwork. I have learned so much from Audrey, since 2018 when I began my own Zentangle journey. She is an inspiration!

    Kathie Taylor on

  • I took my first Zentangle class with Audrey in 2013 and fell in love with this art form and her as a person and instructor. I was inspired enough to stay with it and became a CZT in 2021. Audrey is truly one of the most joyful people I know.

    Deborah Page on

  • It is really an honour to belong to this community and to be inspired by each one here. Thanks for sharing.

    Claudia on

  • I’m catching up on my Zentangle messages today and came across your Family Tree page. Thank you, Audrey, for sharing your wonderful experiences with Zentangle to the Zentangle community, and the healing process its taken you through. I’ve been struggling with memory and cognitive thinking, as well as physical illnesses, for many years, and it’s significantly slowed down my CZT teaching and Zentangle progress/practice. I’m encouraged by you overcoming some tough challenges and hope to be back to a point where my illnesses are no longer in the way of teaching Zentangle. Your story is so inspiring to me. I’d love to hear more about your TedX presentation. Is it available on video, perhaps online?
    Thanks again for sharing your story.

    Theresa Caillouette, CZT32 on

  • Dear Maria, the other day I watched the Fourth Day of Zentangle 2017. Below the Video I sag a lot of links I am sure you did not place there. I thought you might want to know about this. Kind regards, Angie

    Angie on

  • I’m so grateful, and Audrey has found one more way through this blog to remind me of it. Not only did Zentangle get Audrey through a difficult time, it ensured that one of the kindest and most encouraging mentors in the universe continued to thrive in her art and spread her joy. What a double blessing to have Zentangle and Audrey in my world.

    Darci Hayden on

  • If Audrey’s name was not attached to all of my fellow students comments above, I would immediately recognize the Audrey in MY life! Zentangle drew me to her, and I appreciate the art form and the pleasure derived from it, but it is Audrey that inspires me to continue with my creativity through Zentangle even though life situations startle me to numbness. And here I thought she was only MY secret weapon! I understand that she is far more global reaching, but she behaves as she is personally MY teacher, My friend, My inspiration. Thankfully, my selfishness doesn’t rule! And I wholeheartedly embrace that there are so many others united in heart with the Audrey we ALL know and deeply appreciate to the depths of our hearts!

    Linda E on

  • Audrey’s classes have been a great joy for me through all the years but especially since the pandemic. I have become more fearless with my art. Audrey’s joy is passed on to her students. I feel very lucky to have her as a teacher.

    Sheryl Burrows on

  • I love Audrey’s enthusiasm and joy that she shares in her classes. She is always supportive and encouraging. I am honored to know her. Thank you Audrey, for sharing your story and joy.

    Betsy Katz on

  • In 2008 I was introduced to Audrey and Zentangle. Like many 1st time tanglers, I was nervous and convinced that I would not be able to do this thing called zentangle.
    Audrey’s enthusiasm, passion and compassion has taught the true meaning of zentangle and helped so many find that confidence and artist within. Her story is an inspiration and her teachings are a gift of love. What more can I say but, YAY!!!!!!

    Peggy Pruitt CZT36 on

  • Audrey, thank you for sharing your joy and passion for the Zentangle method with us and your Students..

    Linda Rios on

  • A truly amazing story. I found the Zentangle Method during my breast cancer “healing for arts” therapy session. It has changed my life completely and assisted me through treatments. Your story inspires me since you are a sister warrior. This method truly heals your mind, body and soul. I was never an artist before I found the Zentangle Method and it is so true that “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.” Thank you for sharing your story of courage, commitment and strength!

    Gloria Vatavuk on

  • I think I may have been one of Audrey’s first students when she taught a class in Carson City at Unity many years ago? She turned me on to the art form and I continued tangling for many years until my hair turned white and my hands arthritic. Unfortunately now I rarely hold a pen… and MISS it!

    Star Carpenter on

  • Very good write-up 🤗

    CeCe Bushinsky on

  • Audrey’s bright light shone through the first day I met her in my first class. It has never dimmed in the six years I’ve been a grateful student. Love you, Audrey!

    Georgia on

  • Very nice story and I too want to hear about the Ted talk! You are a wonderful and talented teacher. We are so lucky to have you!

    Wendy B on

  • I’ve been fortunate to know Audrey for almost a decade. Back then, before I met her, a friend had introduced me to the Zentangle method, but I just didn’t know what to do with it. LOL. I enrolled in one of Audrey’s classes (I live in the same area as Audrey does), and from then on I have taken many in-person and virtual classes from her. Some of my very favorite pieces were done in her class. I look forward to another in a few days. Audrey is a fun, upbeat person, one I feel proud to call friend. She uplifts everybody she meets. Her sparkling spirit shines through so brightly. She is a beautiful addition to the multi-faceted jewel that is the Zentangle CZT family.

    Paula Schneider on

  • Audrey is simply the best Zentangle teacher, the kindest of humans, the most beautiful of artists, and always always an inspiration to her very loyal students! Cheers Audrey, a most touching and beautiful story of your journey.

    Sue h on

  • Audrey is so inspiring and is the most wonderful teacher! I’ve only taken a few classes so far but she is teaching me to create art that I never thought was inside me and to appreciate sitting in the stillness and the joy of Zentangle.

    Carol A Scott on

  • So happy to see Audrey on the Zentangle family tree. The world is a better place with her in it and I’m blessed to know her.
    She’s been my inspiration, teacher and supporter since 2018 and the reason I became a CZT (#33). Hugs!

    Dee Beardsley on

  • Thank you for sharing your inspiring story, Audrey, along with your beautiful artwork.

    Linda Helfer on

  • I just love your style! Such deliberate personality shining from all your work and your teachings. Thank you for sharing your art and your talent with so many.

    Molly on

  • Beautiful Story!! Incredible artwork!

    Linda Hunter CZT 31 on

  • Amazing! You made a gloomy day bright. Thanks for the light!

    Florence Lednum on

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