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Blossom by Blossom...

Blossom by Blossom...

Jen writes...

 “Blossom by blossom the spring begins” – Algernon Charles

In Massachusetts, winter is just coming to an end. There have been especially sunny days in the past few weeks where we can practically smell spring in the air, and the drab, brown and gray landscape is becoming speckled with colors. The trees are budding, the first flowers are blooming, and the grass is getting greener. In Newport, Rhode Island, where we’re hosting seminar this week, there are close to one million daffodils that have pushed their way up and are blossoming, creating a landscape that is bursting with vibrant yellow. It feels in tune with the tiles from Project Pack 20 - Blossoming Tangles.

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Spring is the season that promises new beginnings and possibilities. Nature reminds us that only change is constant. Just like tangles, landscapes are an evolving art piece: greens appear amongst the browns, yellows and pinks blossom among the greens, and so on, creating a palette of ever-changing textures and colors. It is like our tiles. First all we have are some lines, some orbs. But slowly they grow, gain texture, and bloom into something beautiful: something to admire and appreciate.

Oscar Wilde wrote that “A flower blossoms for its own joy”. We hope that with the Blossoming Tangles Project Pack, all of you tangled for your own joy! As you created stroke by stroke, through each stage of creation, we hope you treasured the bloom, the full beauty, of all that you create.

Thank you to all who uploaded your Zentangle Project Pack No. 20 tiles to the Zentangle Mosaic App. You can download the app and search #PP20 for free to see the beautiful tiles.

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Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on Molly's last blog, More Grows in the Garden...

We have randomly selected Kothy Hafersat to receive the custom artwork by Molly and Maria. Please send your snail mail address to



Jennifer Sumner


  • Zentangle has been my go to escape the last 10 years of my husband’s hospital stays and being his caregiver. I was able to leave the real world behind for an hour or so a day. Now that he has passed I’m having a hard time getting back into it as I just cry. I know they are tears of healing and this project has helped so much as I didn’t have to think about anything but creating. Thank you all for making the last 10 years so much more pleasant. Keep up the good work. Bobbye

    Bobbye L Spector on

  • I thoroughly enjoyed all the #blossoming" tangles in #PP20! I love the round format of the Zendala tiles, and playing with variations on familiar tangle patterns. Thanks, HQ, for a very pleasant journey thru a lovely garden of Zentangles! 🌻🌻🌻

    Jessica Dykes on

  • I havent started PP20, because I just finished PP19, i still have shading to do but for the most part its done. Im looking forward to working on PP20 soon. Maybe some spring flowers budding will inspire me to start it.

    Terre on

  • This project pack has been amazing have thoroughly enjoyed it and almost completed all the tiles (with extras). Thanks so much guys you’ve brought me a lot of joy.
    Heading into autumn here but that’s the best time of the year where I live.

    Sue Bailey on

  • Lovely photos! I’m anxiously looking forward to Spring to arrive in Northern Michigan. In the meantime, I certainly have enjoyed the Blossoming Tangles Project Pack. Some tangles, like AuraKnot, I ordinarily would not have added to that genus, but as I put my pen to paper, I could see I was mistaken. Watching it bloom from the tip of my pen was quite surprising to me. It was as if I were looking at my tile with new eyes. With these new eyes, everything is looking brighter, and now as I play my way through PP12, Spring seems to be in the air. Thank you for showing me Spring in a whole new light.

    Theresa Caillouette on

  • I was at CZT38 this time last year and I was in awe of all the daffodils in Newport the one day I was able to leave the resort, after seminar was over. I finally got a taste of the town before we hopped in the car back to the airport. What a beautiful place and beautiful resort to enjoy during our tangle and food breaks! Being landlocked in TX makes the ocean that more special when I get the chance to see and smell it! Flowers with the ocean nearby is very special indeed!

    Debbie "bakayaro onna" Smith on

  • I really enjoyed Project Pack 20 as I have always loved working in the round. Thank you for all the fabulous videos!

    Judy Jankauski, CZT 26 on

  • Dank u voor deze prachtige foto’s van een ontluikende lente. Ook bedankt voor het mogelijk maken van PP 20

    Lisette xxxx

    Lisette on

  • So lovely to see these signs of spring. Snow on the ground here, so lovely to see the gardens in other places!

    Kate Ahrens on

  • Beautiful 🌸🌼🪴🌺🌷

    Sandy Kelley-Jones CZT on

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