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Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 04

Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 04

Welcome to the fourth day of Project Pack No. 07.

On this fourth day, Julie tangles on four black Bijou Zentangle tiles.

Woolen Gnome, Rabbit and Sheep "felt" they should get in on the act. At first we thought that Rabbit and Sheep couldn't read, but perhaps they are reminding us that there is no up or down, left or right, in the world of non-representational Zentangle art!



Tangling today with our friend Julie
Hopefully she doesn’t get too unruly
Tangling on black
Keeps her on track
And her tangles are beautiful, truly


Please leave your comments below. Each day we will pick commenter at random to send a Zentangle surprise to!

Yesterday's winner is Marsha Law. Please send your snail mail address to!



  • What a great project. These colors are stunning together!

    Emily Classon on

  • Hi FYI on the email for Project #7 day 10 the highlighted Blogpost in blue when hit it brings up day 4 instead of day 10 !!!!!!

    Cynthia on

  • Mooka and Flux are favs! Wonderful tangling with Molly tonight!

    GInny Lockhart on

  • Love love love these so much!!! Beautiful!!!

    Cheryl Wolf on

  • Loved tangling with Julie today – lots of fun tangles! I’ve been doing them on envelopes and that has been fun!

    VGREM on

  • Zentangle is such a beautiful art.

    Andrea on

  • Another fun day of tangling with all of you! Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

    Linda JF on

  • Gorgeous, fun, lovely tiles!

    Nancy Schmidt on

  • Such a wonderful reminder from Julie that monotangles are a beautiful way to zen into your drawing.

    Mary Yahnke on

  • Looking forward to doing these little tiles! My flaky health has put me back a few days so I will have to play catch-up soon.

    bakayaroonna (on the app) on

  • Thanks Julie! That was fun! ❤️

    Kathy Young on

  • I love this video, it’s so relaxing.

    Heike on

  • Loved the first three tiles. Huggins and I have a rough relationship. I’m not sure what it is about it, but I seem to always curve things the wrong way even when concentrating exactly on what was done in the video. I haven’t finished that tile yet because I feel like I messed it up so badly there is no way it can look like Huggins. Giving my brain some time to see if I can make something else out of it.

    Ellen Behrens on

  • Fun new way to use the black tiles!

    Kate Ahrens on

  • Thank you Julie – you made me smile with recognition when you mentioned Bijou tiles hanging in frames for Christmas – we put 2 up when we decorated our house yesterday. Also, thanks for the reminder to breathe – I’m glad I’m not the only one who forgets! And I love that Huggins fill!

    Jem Miller on

  • Love how Julie is able to get grays and tans on a black tile. Beautiful!

    Vera on

  • WOW!! Beautiful!!! I love them all!!!

    Cheryl Wolf on

  • WOW – the bijou are charming with the monotangles. And the [floral] flux — oh my, I’ve gotta try this. Thx for the video and instructions. Nice idea to add bijou tiles (on ribbon) on the holiday trees ; )

    Carol Lee on

  • NIce!

    Andrea on

  • Hola!! Aunque no tenía papel negro, lo realicé en papel blanco. Quedó también hermoso!!!
    Gracias por compartir!!!
    Saludos cordiales!!

    Myriam on

  • The gold, blue, and white are so beautiful on the black tiles! I need to practice using a lighter touch with the gold pen. Julie, your lines are so delicate and flowing. Thank you for the project.

    Terry on

  • I’ve been so inspired by these beautiful tangles and videos. I planned to tangle along with my own materials, but after seeing Day 1, I couldn’t resist ordering the project pack. I can’t wait to receive it and redo the tangles with the special tiles, pens and charcoals. Thank you for this lovely holiday respite.

    Lisa on

  • These are so gorgeous. Love the gold , blue and white on black! Carmen

    CArmen CLayton on

  • I have been going to try out the black tiles. The designs look so striking! Thank you for the great videos.

    Donna O on

  • Wow I love this look on the black! These are my favorite so far.

    Nancy Wilcox on

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