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Zentangle Mosaic Support

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Trending hashtags

Global Zentangle Waterfall

The Global Zentangle Waterfall is a live mosaic of tiles from the world-wide Zentangle community. Sit back and watch tiles change to find endless inspiration from all over the world. You can pause Waterfall mode anytime by touching the display. Then, you can touch any tile to find out more about it and the artist who created it. When you’re done, go back and begin the Waterfall again. Zentangle Waterfall is constantly changing, so you will always find something new to admire.

You can access the Global Zentangle Waterfall from anywhere in the app by touching the red Zentangle logo in the upper left corner of the display

Zentangle Mosaic Menu

You can access the Menu in two ways: (1) Touch the three bar icon [icon] in the upper left corner of the display, or (2) Swipe towards the right from the left edge of your display.

Home Feed

Your Home Feed includes tiles you have uploaded, tiles uploaded by Rick and Maria, “Tips, Tangles & Techniques” (T3) from Zentangle, and any tiles from Artists you have appreciated and requested that you see their tiles in your Home Feed.

Appreciate an Artist

To appreciate an artist, touch this icon [icon] when viewing their profile or looking at a tile they have created. When you appreciate an artist, you can choose whether or not you wish to see their tiles in your home feed when that Artist uploads a new tile.

Appreciate a Tile

To appreciate a tile, touch this icon [icon]. When you appreciate a tile to let the artist know that you appreciate their work, the Artist receives a notification that you have appreciated that tile.

Upload a Tile

To upload a tile, touch the camera icon [icon] in the upper right hand corner of your display, or select “Upload a Tile” from the Menu. You can take a photo with your device’s camera or upload a photo from your device’s library. When taking a photo, you can turn the flash on or off by tapping [flash icon].

Once you have taken or selected your photo, align the outline of the Keystone Tool with the edge of your tile. This Keystone Tool will make the edges of your tile parallel and at right angles with each other automatically, even if you took your picture at an angle. Next, your Cropping Tool will make your image square so that it fits in the Mosaic. Finally, enter in all your tile details and add a description before uploading. Full upload may take a few moments.


In Zentangle Mosaic, you can use hashtags to categorize content and track different topics. Hashtags are searchable within Zentangle Mosaic. A hashtag is any combination of letters and numbers preceded by a “#”.

For instance, if you used the tangle crescent moon in your tile, use #crescentmoon in the description. Then, if another Artists wants to search for tiles using Crescent Moon, he or she will find your tile.

You can use this to categorize as many elements of your tile as you would like, such as, tangles, media used, classes, location, special events, etc. For example: The lessons in our Zentangle Primer series have specific hashtags, so readers can share their results and see how others did with the exercises.


There are countless ways you can search for different content. Want to see all the users in Malaysia? Renaissance tiles? Black or multi-colored Zendalas? You can do that all from the Search function on your menu. Hint: make sure you fill in all your tile details so your tile shows up in the search results. You can also search for a specific #. If you need some inspiration for the tangle hollibaugh, search #hollibaugh and watch a mosaic of tiles that use that tangle.

You can access the Search function from the Menu or by pressing the Search icon [icon] in the upper right of your display.

Search results will display as a Mosaic. After a moment (according to your User Settings) the search results shift automatically to Waterfall mode, playing the results of your search.


Your Zentangle Mosaic account automatically includes three Mosaics: 1) Tiles That I Created, 2) Other’s Tiles I’ve Uploaded, and 3) Tiles I’ve Appreciated. You can also create an unlimited number of Mosaics and add to them over time. Some Ideas for Mosaics are groups of tangles, classes of students, all Bijou tiles, etc. You can make your Mosaics public or private.

Once you have created a Mosaic, adding to it is easy and fun. After Search results are delivered, touch the “+” and select a Mosaic to which to add tiles. You add tiles to the Mosaic by simply dragging them from the Search result line into the box below.

Mosaics are a great tool for organizing and cataloging your tiles and other tiles within the app. Create mosaics from a specific class or using your favorite tangles. Mosaics never stop growing so you can always add new tiles.

All Mosaics will display in Waterfall Mode after a time (the length which you can set in your User Settings), or if you press the > at the bottom of the display.

Mosaic: Tiles That I Created

Here you can view all the tiles you have uploaded in Mosaic form.

Mosaic: Other’s Tiles I’ve Uploaded

Here you can see all the tiles you’ve uploaded that other Artists created.

Mosaic: Tiles I’ve Appreciated

This will bring together in a Mosaic, all the tiles that you have appreciated. 

Flag a Tile

If you feel a tile is inappropriate, you can flag it to bring it to our attention. It may be inappropriate because of objectionable content, it is not Zentangle Art, or it is your own artwork you did not give the user permission to upload. Once a tile is flagged, we will review it.

To flag a tile, touch “…” and then Flag/Report Tile.

User Settings

You can control many aspects of the Zentangle Mosaic app from within your settings to make your Zentangle Mosaic experience fit your preferences. You can control your notifications, user Profile, and display preferences all from within your settings menu.

In-App Messages

To send a message to another Zentangle Mosaic User, click on the “…” and then “Private In-App Message.” You will need to know the User’s Zentangle Mosaic name to send a message. You can also access this feature from the Menu.

Upload Another Zentangle Artist’s Tile

There may be times when it is appropriate to upload another user’s work on your account, for example, if you are a teacher uploading your students’ work, or a parent uploading your child’s work. In these situations, it is important to 1). Gain permission from the artist and 2). State in tile details the artist name or, the Mosaic name.

“Tag” a User

To “tag” a user, type @ followed immediately by their Mosaic name (example: “Love your tile @JohnDoe!”) Don’t include a space between @ and the User’s Mosaic name. The person mentioned will get a notification letting them know that you tagged them in a comment. This is a great tool for communication via comments and tile descriptions.

Make a Tile Private or Public

If you would like to upload a tile for your own personal portfolio, but are not ready to share it with the world, you can upload it as private by swiping the “Make Private” toggle at the bottom of the upload screen. Only you will be able to see your own private tiles. At any time you can change the public/private settings by editing your tile. You access the edit mode by pressing the pencil icon at the bottom of the display.


You can comment on a specific tile to ask the artist a question about their artwork and/or let them know how much you like it! Respond to a comment by tagging a user ( See: Tag a User). If you prefer a more private conversation, use the messaging function (See: In-app Message). 

Subscription Fees

The app has a free and a paid version. The free version allows only limited viewing abilities. The paid version is by monthly ($2.99) or yearly ($24.99) subscription.