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Classroom Pack Terms and Conditions

Zentangle Apprentice™ is a set of tools we designed to bring the Zentangle experience to younger individuals. Two characteristics of Zentangle Apprentice tools are larger tiles and tougher, entry-level pens.

We designed the "Classroom Pack" series to help teachers of youths in public, private and home schools who want to share the benefits of the Zentangle method with their students. We were inspired to do this because so many teachers were already sharing the Zentangle Method with their students and we want these students to understand the original intent of Zentangle so they can get the benefit and enjoyment we intended.

If there is a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in your area, we encourage you to contact him or her. CZTs can provide support and expertise and facilitate an ongoing Zentangle practice for your students. A list of CZTs can be found here.

Agreeing with these Terms of Service means you understand that Classroom Pack tools:

  1. are designed only for sharing the Zentangle Method with youths in public, private or home schools;
  2. do not make you a Certified Zentangle Teacher. You have to attend a certification seminar for that;
  3. are not designed to teach the Zentangle Method outside of public, private or home school settings;
  4. are only meant for you to download and use for your own students.

Thank you so much for your interest and support.

Rick and Maria