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Bijou and Bijou's Be Well Series - May 2024

Born out of Maria’s pen and our playful imaginations, Bijou serves as a gentle reminder of Zentangle’s philosophies for us to embrace both on and off the tile. As we were planning our yearlong celebration, Bijou enthusiastically asked if we would celebrate him during the month of May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. He absolutely cherished sharing 21 days of his philosophies last year.

You can learn more about Bijou on our website here. Last year, we went a little deeper into some of Bijou's Bijouisms, you can read through them all here.

Beginning May 10th, we are embarking on a 21-day challenge where we will delve into one tangle on one 3Z tile, one day at a time. We invite you to find 15-20 minutes each day to tangle along with us, Bijou, and the Zentangle Community, allowing your pen to soothe your soul. This video series will be released via our newsletter and on

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

Day 05

Day 06

Day 07

Day 08

Day 09 (Available May 18th at 2:00pm EST)


For this exploration, we will be using 21 3Z tiles and a variety of tools. Bijou has suggested we offer special tangling tool bundles in celebration of this project.

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