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20th Anniversary Zentangle Journal Project

Tangle along with us in your journal or other tanglings surface for a year long celebration through tangles. We will offer fun prompts, tutorials and bits of inspiration throughout 2024.

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January Journal Prompts:

Gratitude 2024: In honor of the first step of the Zentangle Method, we would like to take a moment right here, right now, for gratitude. We encourage you to take a page to dedicate to this very important first step in the Zentangle Method... Gratitude.

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #Gratitude 

8 Steps of The Zentangle Method: Reflect on the 8 Steps as a source of comfort and support. 

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #8Steps #8Steps2024 

My First Tile: Create a page in your journal dedicated to then and now. Add an early tile of yours and a more recent one and reflect on how your practice has evolved over the years and what has remained the same.

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #MyFirstTile


February Journal Prompts:

From the Heart: Take a moment to reflect on what fills your heart and surround those things by your favorite tangle.

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #FromTheHeart24

Heart Strings: Tangle along with Molly and Julie as they fill their hearts with tangles. Watch the video lesson here.

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #FromTheHeart24

March Journal Prompts:

Birth of Zentangle: This month, as we begin to look back at the beginning of the Zentangle Method’s journey, we invite you to look back at the beginning of your Zentangle journey. Open a new spread in your journal and reflect on when you first found the Zentangle Method. Are there tangles that remind you of your early journey? How does it feel to explore those tangles now?

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #BirthofZ

ICSO: Write ICSO in large letters on your page. Use the letters as a string/guide for your tangles. As you tangle, pay attention to each line and which elemental stroke it uses.

Maybe, use tangles that utilize only 1 elemental stroke at a time, like indyrella, keeko, knightsbridge, etc.

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #ICSO #ICSOJournal



April Journal Prompts:

No Mistakes: Open up to a new spread dedicated to No Mistakes. Take a moment to reflect on how this philosophy has shifted your perspective both on and off the tile. Are there tangles or techniques that you have not tried for fear that you will not do them the “right way”? Use these pages to explore those tangles and techniques and remember… No Mistakes!

Hashtags: #ZentangleTurns20 #BirthofZ