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Zentangle Toolsets for US and Canada

Zentangle and Sakura of America collaborated to create artfully designed tool sets. Each box contains a collection of tools that represent different ways to create with the Zentangle Method.







Pigma Micron - 3 Piece Set

This set includes three black Sakura Micron pens. There are two size 01s, which is the standard size we use in creating Zentangle tiles and also a size 05, which is slightly larger and can be used to either add line weight variation or used for fill in work. This is a great simple set of just pens to either start or add to your tangling tool collection.











Original Tile - 12 Piece Set
The ultimate starter set features a total of five pens filled with luscious Pigma ink. Included are an 01, 03, 05, 08, and a Graphic 1. This set is complete with Original Zentangle tiles, a graphite pencil for creating strings and shades of gray, and a tortillion to buff out your added graphite. With this set you are sure to get lost in the world of creating beautiful, non-representational art using the Zentangle Method.







ATC Tile - 10 Piece Set
In this set you will find three black Micron pens, including a size 01, size 03 and a size 05. You will also find in this collection a pencil for laying down your dot, border and string, and for shading your finished tangles. Also included is a tortillion. This tool allows you to manipulate your shading and add an overall softness to your work. This set is complete with five ATC sized Zentangle tiles. This 2.5” x 3.5” tile is a fun alternative to our Original tiles and perhaps might inspire you to explore the world of artist trading cards (ATC). Whatever your vision is, you are sure to have fun using this set to get lost in the world of creating beautiful, non-representational art using the Zentangle method.








Black Tile - 10 Piece Set
The roles are reversed in the world of Black Zentangle tiles. Instead of drawing with black ink on white paper, beautiful 100% cotton archival black paper becomes a new canvas to be covered with white. Using Sakura’s white Gelly Roll pens you can explore how white gel ink sinks and sits on the paper’s surface. Every tangle becomes new again as different techniques and tangleations are yours to discover. Add depth with included white charcoal pencil and tortillion. A whole new approach to Zentangle is found within the world of Black Zentangle tiles.







Renaissance Tile - 12 Piece Set
Travel back in time as you explore using the elements of the techniques used in master drawrings over 1000 years ago. Experiment covering a tan paper tile with tangles drawn with black and brown Micron pens. This set includes Zentangle Renaissance tiles, which are created from 100% cotton, archival, tan paper. Dig deeper into the dimension of both light and shadow by using the graphite pencil for shadows and a white charcoal pencil for highlights. Both are included in this set as well as tortillion for each. Watch how this age old technique can transform your tangles into something completely different.








Zentangle Zendala® - 11 Piece Set
Mandala meets Zentangle in a harmonious union that will positively inspire you to put pen to paper. Included are both blank Zendala tiles and pre-strung Zendalas, which have a lightly drawn mandala template on them. Use the blank tiles as you would a square by putting down a random string or discover your own approach. Fill the pre-strung templates with tangles and see how the sky is the limit even on the pre-strung tiles, as you will discover the template is only a base for endless outcomes. Zendala tiles are about 4-5/8” (117mm) diameter. They are die cut with our familiar deckle edge and use the same, 100% cotton, archival paper as our Original white tiles. Also included in the set is the perfect selection of Micron Pigma pens. Pen sizes included are two size 01’s for fine tangle work and one size 08 for more bold strokes or filling in. This tool set is complete with a graphite pencil for creating strings and shades of gray and a tortillion to buff out your added graphite. Have fun creating Zentangle art in the round.








Apprentice Pen - 3 Piece Set
Zentangle Apprentice is a brand developed by Zentangle, Inc. to share the Zentangle Method and experience with children, or for those requiring or more interested in more durable or economical tools. This set is complete with three wonderful drawing tools. Each pen is filled with the same archival pigment ink as the Micron. Included are two Pigma pen 05, which have a durable plastic fine tip and also one Pigma pen 10 which has a larger bullet tip, great for filling in or creating bold pen strokes.












Apprentice Tile - 18 Piece Set
Zentangle Apprentice is a brand developed by Zentangle, Inc. to share the Zentangle method and experience to children, or for those requiring durable or economical tools. With all this in mind, we were able to hold on to quality that Zentangle always seeks. This tool set includes ten Apprentice tiles, which are created with high quality Bristol drawing paper. They are 4.5” square with rounded corners. The pens in this set are filled with the same archival pigment ink as the Micron. Included are four black pens, two 05s with a durable plastic fine tip and two, 10s with a thicker bullet tip appropriate for filling in or making bold strokes. Also in this set are 2 graphite pencils and two tortillions for creating strings and adding shades of gray. This set is wonderful for creating on your own or with a friend.


For Zentangle Tool Sets available in the Europe, Turkey and Russia, please see this link.